Dear parents,

Further to my newsletter last week I am now in a position to update you all about our plans for re-opening. We still intend to take a cautious approach and to prioritise the safety of everyone but it is our intention to re-open in a limited way on Monday 15th June for children who will be moving to school in September, and do not attend another setting. We do not yet have plans in place for children who are not moving on to school.

On Sunday the government published the planning guidance specifically intended for early years settings, previously we only had general school guidance to follow although the principles remain the same. As I outlined previously children and staff will be arranged in small and consistent bubbles, within that bubble there will be no expectation of distancing as we realise that is not possible for small children and not in their best interests. Each bubble will have their own resources to play with and lots of interaction with their adult. We will spend as much time as possible outside and are fortunate that we have large indoor and outdoor spaces. Hand-washing will be more regular than before and cleaning of equipment and the building will be prioritised.

Children will not be able to bring in anything from home – no toys or comforters, no bags and only coats if absolutely necessary. We only ask that children bring in their own drink in a clearly named bottle as usual. We will not be providing a lunch session.Children should arrive each day in freshly laundered clothes and will wash their hands thoroughly on arrival. We will be expecting parents to follow the social distancing rules that we have all become familiar with at all times, including in their interactions with each other and the staff. We understand that this may not always be possible and we will always comfort a child who is upset or anxious as they arrive at nursery, but we ask that parent interactions with staff are kept to a minimum.

During the week commencing 15th June all school leavers will be invited into 1 two hour session each, with the others who are in their bubble. There will be staggered drop off and pick up times for each bubble and parents will not be allowed inside the building. Initially session times will be 9-30 to 11-30, 9-45 to 11-45,10-00 to 12-00 and will not include a snack. You will be given a session time according to which bubble your child is in. Some bubbles will be offered a Monday session, other bubbles will be offered a Thursday session.

From the 22nd June onwards we anticipate that all school leavers will be in for 2 sessions per week each on a Monday and Tuesday, but only on alternate weeks until the end of term. This gives time in between for cleaning and to minimise the risk of infection between groups of children.

In order for us to maintain consistent groups of children in each bubble, which is the safest way to proceed for everyone, you will each be allocated days and times for your child to attend for the remainder of this term. We anticipate that we will have more normal arrangements for choosing sessions from September.

We do realise that these are still far from normal arrangements for everyone and we will continue to adapt our plans as the situation evolves. We do appreciate everyone’s support and patience in these times and assure you we are working hard behind the scenes to bring back the essence of what makes All Saints Nursery so special whilst ensuring everyone’s safety.

We ask now that parents of our school leavers respond, via Tapestry or email with either a yes or no indicating if you wish to take up a place. Please respond by Monday 1st June.

More details will follow next week, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer.

With kind regards,

The All Saints Team