Dear parents,
We have received the following notification from Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs Residents Association about Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety in the vicinity of our nursery.
E-Petition to Improve
Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety and Inhibit Excessive Vehicles speeds in the area. Sign the Petition Online or Paper Petitions. Please do not ignore …you could help save a life by signing the petition – here are some reasons why:
Pedestrian and cyclists are reporting some very alarming near misses with speeding vehicles.
There are no Pedestrian Crossings points on footpaths and bridleways .
Cars go at excessive speeds outside community hubs such as All Saints’ Church, Canford Cliffs Library, The Branksome Park Tennis & also the long straight roads.
Walking and cycling needs to be feel safer.
To Sign the Petition online use the link:  
Please report serious concerns/incidents to:
Please sign the petition by 5th January 2020.
Please don’t ignore it…thank you and keep safe!
Vicky Moss,
I would also like to ring to your attention this lovely opportunity to give a Christmas gift to an elderly care home resident. Gifts can be brought into nursery.         

With many thanks

The All Saints Team