Planning,News and Updates

 Week Commencing 22nd and 29th January 2024

Main Theme  –  ‘I am unique’

Small World Corner & ’Belly Play’ Carpet Using imaginative play & language Understanding the world Vehicle Table Using fine motor skills with co-operative play & language Using imagination to create scenariosHome Corner Imitating everyday experiences in role-play scenarios Communicating through language & actions Collaborative interactions with peers Washing Day, Petting Zoo
Construction Tray  Using fine/gross motor skills & imagination to build, create & assemble Exploring shape, pattern & sizePuzzles Using critical thinking to match shapes & patterns Using fine motor skills & manipulation to assemble & complete peg, inset & table top puzzles  Understanding the World Experiencing different textures & materials Exploring using descriptive language Finding out about the animals, plants & technology of the world around us On the Farm, Colour Matching Objects
Literacy Table Creative mark-making & early writing Development of tripod grip for control Mark-making Use a comfortable grip with good control when holding pens & pencils Development of tripod gripCraft Activity Creating with different materials Using fine motor & cutting skills Paper Plate FacesMathematics Tray Exploring numbers, counting & comparisons Understanding shape, pattern & measures (SL-2024) Understand position through words alone   (SL-2025) Use spatial words like ‘on top of’, ‘up’,      ‘down’ ‘through’
Painting Area Free-painting & mark-making Developing brush control Exploring colour mixing Explore paint using fingers, brushes and toolsMalleable Materials Table Manipulating materials using hands, tools & equipment Creative model-making Playdough with laminated sheets (for modelling with dough)Book Corner Handling & exploring story, picture & non-fiction books Listening to, understanding & interacting with stories Developing awareness of rhyme & initial sounds Stories about family life, diversity

PSED  –  Find resolutions to conflicts & rivalries  (SL-2024)  :  Begin to show ‘effortful control’ eg waiting for a turn  (SL-2025) Small Groups (2yrs+)  :  Colours

Dear parents,

Please see attached our planning for the next two weeks.

Curriculum Plans

Our curriculum focus is Personal, Social and Emotional Development(PSED) and our theme will be “I am unique”.We  will be continuing to  share lots of stories that celebrate various aspects of family life as well as talking about the similarities and differences between all our families.We are continually encouraging the children to find ways to negotiate with others and to provide them with strategies to resolve conflicts and rivalries in a tolerant manner.We find that visual methods, such as sand timers, work very well to support children to take turns. Waiting and taking turns can be hard for small children but it is an important aspect of emotional self-regulation that is beneficial for them to learn before school.

 Invite from the vicar

Happy new year All Saints’ Nursery families!

My name is Luke and I’m the new vicar at All Saints’ and I can’t wait to meet you. My wife and I have two little ones aged 3 and 11 months, so we know something of the joys and trials of being new-ish parents. We’d love to invite you to a Play-and-Pray-Date at our house (the vicarage next to nursery) on Saturday 3rd February 9.30-11.30am. It will be an open house just for nursery families, so please drop in, have a coffee, have a play, and we’ll do a very short child-friendly prayer time as well. We simply would love to say hi and get to know you. Please get in touch to let me know you’re coming, or talk to me about anything at all, on or 0777 60606 82.

Childcare Funding

There are lots of changes about to happen in Childcare Funding. This website contains all the information that you need

Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

If you have any questions please do ask, we are gradually being given more information and will do our best to help.


Please may I remind all parents to clearly name every item of clothing including hats, gloves etc  that come into nursery. We try our very best to keep track of children’s possessions and it helps enormously if they are clearly named

Drop off time

Please note our main opening time is 9am. If you wish to drop your child earlier we are happy to book your child in for either 8am or 8-30am to accommodate your needs.