Week Commencing 3rd & 10th June

Main Theme  –  Minibeasts                               Caterpillars arrive for watching life cycle            Monkey World Visit – Thursday 6th June

Small World Corner & ’Belly Play’ Carpet Using imaginative play & language Understanding the world Vehicle Table Using fine motor skills with co-operative play & language Using imagination to create scenariosHome Corner Imitating everyday experiences in role-play scenarios Communicating through language & actions Collaborative interactions with peers Spring Cleaning Day, Zoo
Construction Tray  Using fine/gross motor skills & imagination to build, create & assemble Exploring shape, pattern & sizePuzzles Using critical thinking to match shapes & patterns Using fine motor skills & manipulation to assemble & complete peg, inset & table top puzzles Life Cycle Puzzles Turn-taking GamesUnderstanding the World Experiencing different textures & materials Exploring using descriptive language Finding out about the animals, plants & technology of the world around us On Safari, Sea World
Literacy Table Creative mark-making & early writing Development of tripod grip for control Mark-making Use a comfortable grip with good control when holding pens & pencils Development of tripod gripCraft Activity Creating with different materials Using fine motor & cutting skills Life Cycle Worksheets Caterpillar CraftMathematics Tray Exploring numbers, counting & comparisons Understanding shape, pattern & measures (SL-2024) Talk about & identify the patterns around them (use informal language like ‘pointy’, ‘spotty’, ‘blobs’)   (SL-2025) Notice patterns & arrange things in patterns (use language for shape, colour & size)
Painting Area Free-painting & mark-making Developing brush control Exploring colour mixing Butterfly ShapesMalleable Materials Table Manipulating materials using hands, tools & equipment Creative model-making PlaydoughBook Corner Handling & exploring story, picture & non-fiction books Listening to, understanding & interacting with stories Developing awareness of rhyme & initial sounds Books/stories about minibeasts

PD  –  Be increasingly independent in dressing; putting on coats, doing up zips (SL-2024)  :  Use large & small motor skills to do things independently (SL-2025)

Dear parents,

Please see attached our planning for the current two weeks

Curriculum Plans

Our curriculum focus is Health and Self Care,  in particular all the independence skills that our school leavers need to manage confidently at school. This includes dressing and undressing themselves, managing the toilet and hand washing on their own, asking for help when they need it and being able to focus their attention on a task when asked to.

We are continuing to plant seeds and watch our potatoes and strawberries grow and change. How are yours doing at home ?

Our caterpillars will arrive soon after half term and we are looking forward to watching them develop into butterflies

Nut Allergy – Reminder

Please note that nursery is a nut free. Please be careful in particular about bringing in hazelnuts, peanuts and almond nuts or products that contain them in childrens lunch boxes.

If you have any questions about whether an item is suitable or not please ask a member of staff.

Sun protection

Now that the sun is finally shining please do remember to send your child in with a sun hat and apply long lasting sun cream before they arrive at nursery. Both of our gardens are quite shady so the children are not in direct sun for very long each day but we still need to be cautious.

Tuesday 25th June 10-30 to 11-30

Police Road Safety Visit

A member of the Community Support Team will be visiting the nursery to help the children with their road safety awareness.

Thursday 27th June 10-30 to 11-30

Musical Story Box

We are looking forward to an exciting musical story telling session bringing one of our favourite stories to life, We Are Going on a Bear Hunt.

The children will all be learning a new song that accompanies this session .

Saturday  29th June 12pm to 3pm

All Saints Church Fete

Please come along for lots of family friendly fun on the All Saints Vicarage lawn.

Delicious cakes, games, tombola, bouncy castle and lots more.

Tuesday 2nd July at 9-30

Leavers Photograph

Fraser photographers will be here to take a Leavers Photograph for all the children who are moving on to Reception this year.

More details will follow

Thursday 4th July – Nursery Closure

The nursery will be closed  for the General Election. We do understand the inconvenience this causes and apologise once again for having to close on this day.

Friday 12th July 11am

End of Term Fashion Show followed by light refreshments

After half term the children will begin decorating T-shirts ready to take part in our end of term fashion show.

This is always a lovely way to celebrate the children’s creativity and have a really fun end to the summer term.

Childcare Funding

There are lots of changes about to happen in Childcare Funding. This website contains all the information that you need

Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

If you have any questions please do ask, we are gradually being given more information and will do our best to help.