Main Theme  –  Life Cycles of Plants & Animals

Small World Corner & ’Belly Play’ Carpet Using imaginative play & language Understanding the world Vehicle Table Using fine motor skills with co-operative play & language Using imagination to create scenariosHome Corner Imitating everyday experiences in role-play scenarios Communicating through language & actions Collaborative interactions with peers Doctors Surgery, Washing Day
Construction Tray  Using fine/gross motor skills & imagination to build, create & assemble Exploring shape, pattern & sizePuzzles Using critical thinking to match shapes & patterns Using fine motor skills & manipulation to assemble & complete peg, inset & table top puzzles Life Cycle PuzzlesUnderstanding the World Experiencing different textures & materials Exploring using descriptive language Finding out about the animals, plants & technology of the world around us Bug House, Sea World
Literacy Table Creative mark-making & early writing Development of tripod grip for control Mark-making Use a comfortable grip with good control when holding pens & pencils Development of tripod gripCraft Activity Creating with different materials Using fine motor & cutting skills Junk Glue activity (EAD-2025)Mathematics Tray Exploring numbers, counting & comparisons Understanding shape, pattern & measures (SL-2024) Discuss routes & locations (use words like ‘in front of’ & ‘behind’)   (SL-2025) Compare sizes, weights using gesture/language (‘bigger/little/smaller’, ‘high/low’, ‘tall’, ‘heavy’)
Painting Area Free-painting & mark-making Developing brush control Exploring colour mixing Painting (Spring still life)Malleable Materials Table Manipulating materials using hands, tools & equipment Creative model-making PlaydoughBook Corner Handling & exploring story, picture & non-fiction books Listening to, understanding & interacting with stories Developing awareness of rhyme & initial sounds Books/stories about plants/animals

CL  –  Use longer sentences of 4-6 words (SL-2024)  :  Listen to simple stories & understand what is happening, with the help of the pictures (SL-2025)

Dear parents,

Please see attached our planning for the next two weeks.

Curriculum Plans

Our curriculum focus is Communication and Language.

Spring provides lots of opportunities to talk about the changes that are happening in nature and the life cycles of plants and animals, and to introduce  new vocabulary to the children. We will be looking at the lifecycle of frogs in the first half of term and we will have some caterpillars arriving in a few weeks to look at the life cycle of butterflies in the second half of this term. We will also be doing lots of growing in nursery. We have planted our potatoes in a potato sack by the nursery gates which you should soon be able to see sending out shoots, and our strawberry plants will arrive soon, keep an eye on those as you arrive in the morning. All the children will be planting French Beans and Sunflowers to take home, hopefully something edible and something beautiful to look at in a few months time.

We are also introducing some lovely new songs at circle time which you may well catch your children singing snippets of. We are using the Spring and Summer book from Out of the Ark Music, some of the songs are available on YouTube.

Reminder  – Closure for Police and Crime Commisioner Elections

Thursday 2nd May

Unfortunately the nursery builing is being used as a polling station for local elections and we will need to close for this day.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes.

Childcare Funding

There are lots of changes about to happen in Childcare Funding. This website contains all the information that you need

Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

If you have any questions please do ask, we are gradually being given more information and will do our best to help.

Drop off time

Please note our main opening time is 9am. If you wish to drop your child earlier we are happy to book your child in for either 8am or 8-30am to accommodate your needs.