Planning, News and Update

PLANNING  –  for Week Commencing 13th/20th March 2023 Theme  –  Spring Life

Small World Corner & ’Belly Play’ Carpet Imaginative play Understanding the world Communication & language Noah’s Ark, Happy Land Village Vehicle Table Fine motor skills Communication & language Co-operative play V-Tech Track, Dolls House & RoadHome Corner Using imaginative language Collaborative interactions with peers Imitating everyday actions in role-play scenarios Cafe, Grocers Shop
Construction Tray  Fine motor skills Using imagination Exploring shape, counting, pattern, spatial awareness Duplo, Shape ConstructionPuzzles Exploring shape & patterns Fine motor skills & manipulation Using critical thinking Inset puzzles Variety of 4-16pc puzzles Life cycle puzzlesUnderstanding the World Exploring textures & materials Use of descriptive language Finding out about the animals, plants & technology of the world around us Bug House, Sea Scene
Literacy Table Creative mark-making & early writing Pencil grip & control Opportunities for early writing – Writing letters in our name (some accurately) (SL-2023) Adding marks to drawings which we give meaning to (‘that says mummy’) (SL-2024)Craft Activity Creating with materials Fine motor skills Mother’s Day Cards Easter CraftMathematics Tray Exploring numbers, counting & comparisons Understanding shape, pattern & measures (SL-2023) Make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight & capacity (SL-2024) Count in everyday contexts, sometimes skipping numbers – ‘1,2,3,5’
Painting Area Free-painting & mark-making Brush control Colour mixing Free Painting, showing different emotions in picture (happy, sad)Malleable Materials Table Manipulating materials Use of hands, tools & equipment Creative model-making Playdough with natural materialsBook Corner Exploring & handling variety of books Listening to, understanding & interacting with stories Developing awareness of rhyme & initial sounds Variety of Picture Books, Wildlife Magazines

Our main focus will be the part of our curriculum that covers Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Talk to your child about the changes that are happening in the world around us at this time of year. Name the plants and trees that you see around you and point out the signs of spring that are happening at the moment. Maybe introduce the idea of caring for our wonderful planet by talking about why we recycle and care for the resources that we have.

Closure for Polling Day – Thursday 4th May

We have just received notification that we will not have access to the hall on Thursday 4th May due to it being used as a polling station for the local elections.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes.


School Readiness Event – Tuesday 28th March 7 to 8pm at Courthill School

Please do come along to help your child have a smooth transition into school.

We are holding a School Readiness Event on Tuesday 28th March from 7 to 8pm at Courthill School, which is being run in conjunction in several other local nurseries and schools. All parents are invited no matter which school you hope your child will attend.

The evening will contain a presentation by several of the local Reception class teachers, followed by some workshop ideas presented by local schools and nurseries. Please do come along to help your child have a smooth transition into school.

Scarlet Fever and Chicken Pox

We have had 1 case of Scarlet Fever in nursery, please see link below for advice and guidance of what to look out for .

Scarlet fever – NHS (

We have had 2 cases of Chicken Pox in nursery so also look out for symptoms of this please.

Chickenpox – NHS (

Scarlet Fever and Chicken Pox are a particularly nasty combination for children so we ask that you are especially vigilant about keeping children away from nursery if you suspect either of these illnesses.

Drinking bottles in nursery

We have noticed that a few children have been bringing squash into nursery recently in their drinking bottles.

We prefer that children have water in their bottles to promote good oral health. Thank you.


Thank you to everyone who either spoke to the inspector or emailed us with their views.

We were very pleased with the feedback that we received on the day and look forward to receiving the full report in about 2 weeks time.