9th and 16th October 2023

Main Theme  –  Autumn

Small World Corner & ’Belly Play’ Carpet Using imaginative play & language Understanding the world Vehicle Table Using fine motor skills with co-operative play & language Using imagination to create scenariosHome Corner Imitating everyday experiences in role-play scenarios Communicating through language & actions Collaborative interactions with peers Home Kitchen, Doctors Surgery
Construction Tray  Using fine/gross motor skills & imagination to build, create & assemble Exploring shape, pattern & sizePuzzles Using critical thinking to match shapes & patterns Using fine motor skills & manipulation to assemble & complete peg, inset & table top puzzles  Understanding the World Experiencing different textures & materials Exploring using descriptive language Finding out about the animals, plants & technology of the world around us Colour Matching Objects
Literacy Table Creative mark-making & early writing Development of tripod grip for control Free-Drawing & Mark-Making Using ScissorsCraft Activity Creating with different materials Using fine motor & cutting skills Decorating Autumn LeavesMathematics Tray Exploring numbers, counting & comparisons Understanding shape, pattern & measures   (SL-2024) Say one number for each item in order: 1,2,3,4,5   (SL-2025) Complete inset puzzles
Painting Area Free-painting & mark-making Developing brush control Exploring colour mixingMalleable Materials Table Manipulating materials using hands, tools & equipment Creative model-makingBook Corner Handling & exploring story, picture & non-fiction books Listening to, understanding & interacting with stories Developing awareness of rhyme & initial sounds

PSED  –  Play with one or more children, extending play ideas  (SL-2024)  :  Play with increasing confidence on their own & with other children  (SL-2025)

Physical Development  –  Go up steps or climb up apparatus using alternate feet  (SL-2024)  :  Start to use the stairs independently  (SL-2025)

Dear parents,

Please see above our planning for the next two weeks. We are beginning to look at the changes that occur during the season of Autumn. We will be observing the changes that are happening around us in our beautiful surroundings.To support this learning we will be singing some lovely Autumn songs, doing some seasonal crafts, putting up displays and reading books fact and fiction books that support this learning.

When you are out and about with your children take the opportunity to use a wide range of vocabulary to describe the seasonal changes- crunchy beech leaves, prickly sweet chestnuts, shiny conkers etc.

Please can I remind parents to name all items that are brought into nursery, it really does make life easier for your child and for us.